Is This TINY Rugged Android Better Than The Mini iPhone?


Don’t wait favourites good guys welcome back to tech smart and I’m so excited for this video this one’s gonna be something you’ve never seen cartel me few months back I don’t know if you guys caught this video if not make sure you subscribe so you’re kept of the working day but I check them this mini iPhone and what’s surprising is over 60,000 I click the link to pick one of these up so thank you guys but if I got me thinking this phone is cool but what would be cooler is a phone that has more boasts more tech is up to date 2018 and I believe I encountered it so what I’m about to show you is just that and you are about to be blown away and let’s just get into this thing it’s in this tiny box like most smartphone cartons are huge to the size of a mansion so at the top you got your sim implement jolly basic so this is the atom the world’s most rugged tiny phone I convey there’s so many things I can tell you so let’s just get into what this phone is bundling the screen is HD 1080 p screen on the front right up here is an 8 megapixel camera on phone calls this small that’s like selfie character of the iPhone tethers a fingerprint book at the bottom a paw per meter this looks like the oneplus 2 finger provider I symbolize a fingerprint reader on a phone this small ip68 attested on the back 16 megapixel camera my iPhone is 12 I’m starting to have some second thought we’re gonna do a little lower experiment at the end of the video so stay aria for that I’m just losing it this thing is amazing SIM card slot on the side you have your publication buttons of course and it charges with USB see that’s the coolest part and my buddy Zack from Jerry everything actually toured this phone apart you want to check that out I’ll leave a associate down below it’s pretty cool to construe what becomes this thing tick from within so powered by Android not what form of Android you’re probably studying Android for Android 5 no this is running the latest Android Oreo how did they do it how’d they get it half my phone’s that are from big companies don’t even have Android on it so let’s just jump into this thing it’s got an HD screen has and a/ c in it amazing octa-core processor or gigabytes of RAM in now what how I don’t even want to know with the mini iPhone ability inside I’m sure it’s not even a full gigabyte of RAM which is really gonna assistance between app multitasking and only overall performance of the phone I’m really excavating this one like for 219 bucks if you are willing to pick it up on Kickstarter Dickenson go for a little more when it’s perfectly retails this could be the world’s smallest phone with a fingerprint scanner you guys let me know in the comments if that’s the case but merely see how quick and noticeable this is on phone calls this small you’d hope you’d be good I make it’s protection okay it’s almost like too small that it’s like hard to register my finger – done fastening it oh son I feel like I gotta only learn where to place my paw give me a few daylights I imply wait I don’t that clang a little crazy let’s take that back with this phone they’ve been able to compress some pretty big specs and material that you find in a seven eight hundred nine hundred dollar phone in a meeting sponsor like this with all this goodness for two or 19 bucks you guys right now might have known this but the atom the original one the first bone of these scooted over a million dollar gaming starter and the atom here is at the same over a million dollars has obligated this thing so let’s applied it to experiment let’s see if they’re actually about it in the real will do cease research check this out didn’t land on the screen so I wanna try to do one where it property on the screen it took the damage here and that’s why this is really rigid hard plastic a lot of rubber you’re gonna be secure if you drop it so let’s try to drop it on the screen dropping in three two one oh newborn disappear did it make it is it really that rugged oh wow yeah sons look at that so what’s cool I just realise this it has this kind of lip so the rubber on the two sides invokes higher than the screen so when you drop it this is just me here it’s actually starting contact with the rubber firstly instead of the glass that’s sweet I’m gonna get my car see if I can drive over it you can’t drive over it with a vehicle you’re not is about to be driving over your phone’s but I wanted to keep it to the test because this thing is perfect it’s doing the things that and more it is so durable I could actually insure myself exercising this instead of a smartphone which is kind of crazy because this is a smart telephone it’s just a different type so that’s it for this video hope you guys enjoyed if you did make sure you get subscribed sound in that clique button check out some other videos I’ll see you afterward treaty