Smartphone Durability Awards 2019


Today it’s time for the 2019 smartphone stability accolades. I’ve experimented quite a few phones this year, and most telephones endured my soundnes test. There were a few that didn’t, like this iPad Pro didn’t quite make it. Now you might correlate JerryRigEverything with cellphone eradication, probably because of the resonate of my razor blade that is inscribed in your mentality. But in reality, pretty much every single one of the following options smartphones subsisted my durability experiment. Most of these phones are alive even after the durability evaluation and the teardown. In actuality, about 40,000, 000 parties watch my teardown videos, the amend videos, to learn how their phone wields from within to see if they are able amended and final as long as possible, because that’s the goals and targets. This time we are just had one telephone flunk absolutely, and one tablet, but we’re just talking about phones this time around. Last year we had 2 telephones flunk. And the year before we had 3. So smartphone improve excellence is improving, and I hope my videos have a little something to do with that.

Manufacturers are paying attention, erecting their telephones better, and it’s a win-win for everyone. Beings ask what phone is my daily driver, or what phone I use the most often. And currently I’m working the Galaxy S8 Plus- phone calls that’s about two years old- as the phone that I carry around every day. I legitimately believing that smartphones have been so good for so long that it’s 100% not necessary to upgrade each year each time something new and shiny comes out. Because each new upgrade is just negligible over the previous one.

But when it is time to upgrade, it’s good to choose a phone which are in a position to stand the test of epoch and survive as long as you need it to. Which accompanies us to this year’s soundnes gifts. Let’s start with the most repairable phone of 2018. To be totally honest with you, 2018 was a appalling time for smartphone repairability. Moderately much every single one of the smartphones on this table is glued slams, which is a winning and a loss. Glued closed typically means that there’s water fight which facilitates the phone last longer, which is our goal, but it also makes it’s harder to restore when that time comes because screens do rift, glass backs do rift, phones get injured, or artilleries wear off and need to be replaced. If I had to pick the easiest screen replacings of 2018, it would have to go to the Nokia phones.

The Nokia 7 Plus and the Nokia are constructed in mostly the same style. I operated out of time to spawn the full teardown of these phones, but basically the screen lifts off first, and there are just 2 clamps and it’s done, the screen permutation is finished. There’s a metal slab under the screen that stops detriment from happening to the internal components or puncturing batteries, and a screen replacing can be done in 10, 15 hours. It’s pretty simple. Generally speaking, with the majority glass backed sandwich phones, like the majority of members we see here on the table, the screen comes off last-place, which realizes it a little bit harder. But Nokia has a very good design, and retained repairability in mind.

So the Most Repairable Smartphones of 2018 go to Nokia. No producer misses their consumers to go into and amend their smartphones. The longer a purchaser keeps their phone necessitates the longer the manufacturer has to wait before they come back and buy another one. The Manufacturer loses money when buyers repair their phones. But there’s only one company that leads over and above to keep the consumer out of their invention, and that’s Apple. Which wreaks us to the Least Repairable Smartphone of 2018, the iPhone Xs Max. Yeah, the screen can be replaced which is nice, but there are 4 different kinds of specialized screws. You necessary a special toolkit in order to restore the screen on the Xs Max. That’s fine. Emphatically not ideal, but survivable. The question with the Xs Max and all of the recent iPhones from this year and last year is the glass back is inconceivable to replace.

Apple themselves can’t even do it. They supplant the whole house of the phone and fee people who are out of guaranty $599 to change the back glass committee if it’s cracked. That’s ridiculous. With the iPhone XR, it’s $399 to supersede the back body. But still, you can roughly buy a new phone for that. This is an intentional decision on Apple’s part, exactly to get consumers to buy a brand-new phone instead of repairing the age-old one. And because of that decision, it effectively deserves them the Least Repairable Smartphone of 2018. Congratulations. For precedent, only to support my phase, you are able to supersede the back glass body on the Galaxy S9 for about $17 on Amazon. Pretty simple-minded. With the LG G7, it’s a little bit more expensive. You’re looking about about $25 or $30. And with the Pixel 3, you’re looking at right around $100 to replace the back glass body. All of these are normal, doable, sustainable amend rates for this back glass panel on all these phones. Apple’s price of approximately $600 is downright preposterous. But you don’t get to be one of the richest corporations in the nations of the world by being nice to the consumers. Personally, I make the die-hard Apple devotees are going to continue using the iPhones until they get burned a pair occasions, and then hopefully Apple, you are familiar, changes the highway they create their phones.

Because glass is glass, and it will break eventually. Which creates us to the Most Melodic Phone of 2018: the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.( squeeky rubber band munching clangs) That’s not a real award, I just wanted to do that again. For the Most Innovative Phone of 2018, it was a reasonably tighten scoot. We had a lot of unique phones coming out this year like the gaming telephones from the Razer Phone 2, to the ROG Phone. And creepy, whimsical phones like the blood-red Hydrogen One with it’s holographic parade. We even had some dual screened phones. One that folds in half: the Axon M, and one with the built-in screen on the back: the Nubia X. But my favorite telephones this year are the motorized camera phones, like the Find X with it’s motorized camera that sounds up out of the back.

And my favorite, the Vivo NEX S. It’s motorized camera structure is one of the most innovative things I’ve seen in 2018. I don’t think motorized camera phones are the highway of the future. I reflect different solution like under expose cameras, or screens on the front and the back are going to take over. But I’m going to enjoy the motorized ingredients while they’re here. And the Vivo NEX S acquires the Most Innovative Smartphone of 2018. So on my channel we have a few different things we do throughout these videos, one of which is now being Art Class with Jerry, and another one is we utter smartphones transparent. So the Best Gaping Phone From The Inside this year has got to go with the Pixel 3. With literally no modifications done to the internals of the phone, merely removing the emblazon on the outside of the glass, this is quite possibly one of the most wonderful appearing transparent phones of all time, and that’s without Google even trying to make a clear phone.

Yeah, the Vivo NEX S with it’s motorized camera searched cool, but that one compelled a little more revision than the Pixel 3. Runners up for The Most Beautiful Phone on the Inside maybe goes to the Razer Phone 2 with it’s massive water bed-like vapor enclosure inside of the phone. Patently the phone still works without the vapor enclosure inside, it’s just less efficient. The copper and the fluid be keeping things cool for the long term, and while it’s under heavy laden from gaming.

Another runner up for The Most Beautiful Phone from the Inside would be the LG G7. This awesome color you see around the outside and the formulate continues all over the inside of the design. The teardown of this phone was pretty beautiful. Now let’s get to The Most and Least Durable Phones of 2018. Starting with some of the budget telephones. The Most Durable Budget Phone of 2018 was a hard option because most smartphones are good these days, and even budget phones are reacting like flagships when it comes to durability. Personally, I feel like phone calls with glass on both sides eliminates itself from the Most Durable Smartphone because there are more things which are in a position to disruption. So even though the One Plus 6T is an ultimate terrific telephone, but since it has glass on both sides, it’s not “the worlds largest” durable telephone. We have phones like the Pocophone- super cheap, super powerful. But for The Most Durable Budget Phone of 2018, I’m going back to the Nokia lineup: the Nokia 7 Plus.

It’s a pretty big phone. Not only is it one of the most repairable telephones of 2018, but it’s also one of “the worlds largest” durable with metal on the back, glass on the figurehead, but a pretty much unflexing rigid pattern. Nokia has yet to build a feeble smartphone. Retain that with plan phones, any smartphone is budget if you just wait long enough. With smartphones as good as they are, even last year’s telephones can’t compete with this year’s current lineup. If you’re tighten on money, buying a brand new 2018 flagship is not a very smart decision. It devalues very quickly, and phone calls from last year, or its first year before, can accomplish the same thing. So don’t feel like you have to buy the latest and greatest. One thing you don’t want to buy though is a weak smartphone. And that accompanies us to the Least Durable Phones of 2018.

Strangely fairly, Huawei had 2 telephones that cracked during my stability measure. They remained running, so technically they didn’t flunk or end up on my Shelf of Shame. But it’s interesting that the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the Huawei P2 0 Pro were both telephones that cracked during my stability measure. No other phones clicked during the bend evaluation except for these two. The only telephone that absolutely miscarried though, was the Oppo Find X. This little guy is the motorized smartphone with the camera, you know, that pops up out of the top, but could not maintain it’s own during the deform experiment. Yeah, the Oppo Find X was one of the most innovative smartphones of this year, but with how abused smartphones are, innovation doesn’t count for a whole lot if it can’t survive the test of time.

One phone which are in a position to survive the test of epoch though, is a immigrant, one that I was not expecting. The Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 is The Most Durable Smartphone of 2018 and let me talking about why. Not merely is the thing piece rich – watertight building, wireless charging, headphone jack- but it also has an approximately scratch proof screen. You know how the majority of them smartphones, mostly all of them, scratching at a grade 6 with deeper flutes at a elevation 7, the Kyocera has a sapphire display. Meaning that it won’t scratch until a height 8, both on the screen and the rear camera lens. The Kyocera DuraForce Pro is severely one of “the worlds largest” premiumly constructed rugged phones I’ve ever seen, and earns The Most Durable Telephone of 2018. Kyocera hasn’t been a mainstream name up til now, but I’m energized to ensure what they have in store for 2019. Hopefully this wasn’t just a one make wonder. 2018 was an astonishing time for smartphones. A much of these motifs and facets no one recognized coming. There were a lot of surprises. And 2019 is gearing up to be the exact same action. We don’t know what’s in store.

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