The $80 Smartphone Challenge


– Hey guys, this is Austin. I recently checked out a $150 smartphone, but what happens when you fetch that budget down to $80? Shout out to MetroPCS for sponsoring this video. This is the Alcatel A3 0 Fierce. Commonly for $80, you really shouldn’t expect much out of a smartphone, but at the least on paper this ogles good. Make a look inside the box, and the first thing we see, is two free months of Amazon Music Unlimited. So there are actually a couple different Amazon tie ins with this phone.. Specifically it actually does have Alexa support, if you guys crave the system, it’s all yours.

So we are definitely well into the budget demise of the spectrum now, but it actually doesn’t feel too bad in the mitt. So yes, it is a little bit on “the worlds largest” side, with a five and a half inch screen. And yes, “its by” made out of plastic, but it feels reasonably sturdy, it does have this kind of interesting textured finish. Pop off the back, and the first thing you’ll realise, is a beings satisfy do not remove this artillery under any circumstances threatening, but above that , not only do we have a micro sd placard slit, but likewise where we throw our sim in. Hardware wise, this has pretty much everything you would expect.

So not only do you have a headphone jack, but you too do have a micro usb port, would then be nice to see USBC, but it doesn’t really matter at this expenditure stage. And you also do have the magnitude rocker, as well as the somewhat textured influence button. This chap is rocking a inch, 720 p IPS display. So just like with the Moto E4 Plus, it’s nice to have a big parade, and the resolution, even though it’s a little low-toned, really isn’t too bad for a plan manoeuvre. So it does get reasonably radiant, however, a pair areas where you can notice the budget premium come through, is with hue reproduction, and the actual feel of the exhibition. It merely doesn’t feel quite as payment, as something higher concluded with gorilla glass. Hey people, this is Austin. This is the Moto E4 Plus, and it might just be all the smart telephone you’ll need. For video, I feel like the bigger display actually is a really nice feature.

And while the audio isn’t amazing, it’s a lot better than a lot of other plan phones, simply because it does have a single breast shooting speaker. It’s not stereo, but it emphatically does sound a whole lot better than something coming out the bottom, or the back of phone calls. It also does have that support for Amazon Alexa. So if you double-faced tap the capability button. Who is Austin Evans? – Austin Evans is a tech reviewer with a soul entitled YouTube channel. – It too does have a fingerprint sensor, which is especially nice to see on such a plan device.

So it labours even as you’d expect, put your thumb on it, and it will immediately open the phone and got to get straight into it. Spec wise, it’s pretty criterion. So we have a quad core mediatek 6738 processor, two gigabytes of ram, as well as 32 gigs of storage, that is expandable with that micro sd placard slot. So while it might not be a huge evaluate compute, having 32 gigs of storage on an $80 phone is actually kind of nice. It’s not like, you know, you can remuneration $600 for a 16 gig telephone somewhere else, or anything. – This is why we don’t get invited. – Inside, it has a 3,000 milliamp supremacy battery.

That’s about the same size as a lot of flagships, but because of the superpower seeping internals, the work requires readily be able to last-place a daytime. And of course, since it’s running on MetroPCS, you can get up to two boundaries for $75 a few months of unlimited data, without subterfuges like velocity detonators. So far the A30 seems like a perfectly nice budget Android phone, but I wanna threw it through a few challenges. Requesting for a pal. Can it tournament? You unquestionably have to keep in attention, that this is a plan smartphone, but let’s move a few recreations at it, and see what happens. First off, we have Super Mario Run. This is not exactly an incredibly graphically expecting sport, and to be fair, it’s not the smoothest make proportion I’ve ever seen, so we are sagging a marry frames here and there. But it’s totally playable. Next we’ve got Mortal Kombat X. Huh, this actually makes pretty well. Yeah, it’s not gonna extend blow away a console or something, but this searches wholly fine. Last-place but not least, we have Real Racing Three.

So performance isn’t amazing, but again, this is an $80 phone, that’s essentially able to run most of the graphically demanding recreations that are available on Android. Are you able to vlog? So this is what it would be like if I was a vlogger, and it’s 110 measures outside. I would just complain a good deal for about five minutes or so, and then maybe move on to something else.

Can you livestream? So, my first issue is, this is an $80 smartphone, can you guys tell the difference on Instagram live? Not bad , not bad, inspects good, searches good for 80 bucks, yeah, I thoroughly think so. Can you take a fast photo as if you find a luminary? You never know when you find a mad Ken Baledo in the wild.

Ready, and boom, got it. Not a very good image, but I got it fast.( chortling) It’s not perfect, if you have a little bit more budget to work with, I truly do like the Moto E4 Plus, but for $80 the Alcatel A3 0 is emphatically worth a look. So, what do you guys think about the phone? Let me know in the comments below, and I will catch you in the next one . .